About Certificate Of Origin 

Certificate of ORIGIN is an important document in import and export. It indicates the origin if the goods produced in country. Avalid C/O will help an importer enjoy preferential import tax.

You will determine what kind of C/O which you need, depending on the specific shipment (what kind of goods, from /to which country …).

Types of Certificate Of Origin

  • C / O form A (granted to export goods to GSP beneficiary countries)
  • CO form B (granted to goods originating in Vietnam exported to countries where Vietnam does not enjoy GSP incentives, or with GSP, but the shipment does not meet the criteria for eligibility)
  • C / O Form D (ASEAN countries)
  • C / O form E (ASEAN – China)
  • C / O form of EAV (Vietnam – Eurasia Economic Coalition)
  • C / O form AK (ASEAN – Korea), form KV (Vietnam – Korea)
  • C / O form AJ (ASEAN – Japan)
  • C / O form VJ (Vietnam – Japan)
  • C / O form AI (ASEAN – India)
  • C / O form AANZ (ASEAN – Australia – New Zealand)
  • C / O VC (Vietnam – Chile)
  • Form C (Vietnam – Laos, Vietnam – Cambodia)

Certificate of ORIGIN                                                                Certificate of Origin  Form D

When would need the Certificate of Origin C/O

  • Certificate of manifest origin of imported products
  • Certificate is issued to permit disclosure of product quality standards

Informations in Certificate Of Origin :

  • Exporter information
  • Importer information
  • The location to receive the goods.
  • The number of goods
  • Total net weight
  • Description of goods
  • Description of packing
  • The source of the certificate
  • And the other information…

Why choose Viet My Logistics ? 

Thanks to its nearly 15 years of intensive experience in Logistics, besides dedicated and experienced team of expert, Viet My Logistics has provided the Certification Of Origin service for the client in many countries.
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Other services :

Besides the Certificate Of Origin , Viet My Logistics also provides other transport services: Seafreight, Road transport , Rail transport … and other Logistics services such as : Customs clearance, Entrusted Import and Export. … to be flexibility for the clients in the transport and the implementation of other Logistics concerned.

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