About Product Certification

Product certification has always been a crucial requirement to most kinds of goods in imports and exports field. However, according to many businesses, it is never an easy task to obtain such certificates. In other words, there are still certain hindrances in registration for the certificates, which is very time-consuming and leads to adding costs to shipments.

As a long-established company in this field, Viet My has built a strong and professional team of logistic staff, with high level of responsibility, who enable us to fulfill any difficult requirements shortly and efficiently. Moreover, we have also established a sustainable and intimate connection with related government agency, which will gain us certain advantages in this field.

Product certification

Using our product related services, customers are offered various favorable services, such as:

  • Free consultancy about processes and information related to product certification: Certificate of Analysis (CA), Certificate of Free Sale – CFS, Good Manufacturing Practices – GMP), Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points – HACCP, etc,…
  •  After signing the service contract, we will prepare the dossier of announcement of product quality standards: the announcement of product standards, basic standards, the draft content of the product label, function, usage …
  • Representing customers to test the product quality standards at the General Department of Standardization, Metrology and Quality.
  •  Representing customers to receive test results at the General Department of Standardization, Metrology and Quality.
  •  Representing customers to submit dossiers of product quality standard announcement to the Quality Measurement Sub-Department
  • Representing customer to receive certificate of quality standard.
  •  Announcement of food products in the fastest time: 3 days, 7 days, 10 days, 15 days.
  •  Complaints about refusal to grant certificates (if any).

Why choose Viet My Logistics

Thanks to its nearly 15 years of intensive experience in Logistics, besides dedicated and experienced team of expert, Viet My Logistics has provided the Product certification service for the client in many countries.Thus, the deployment of the work is always quickly, effectively.

Other services

Besides the Product certification, Viet My Logistics provides other transport services: Seafreight, Road transport , Rail transport … and other Logistics services such as : Customs clearance, Entrusted Import and Export. … to be flexibility for the clients in the transport and the implementation of other Logistics concerned.

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