Road transport plays the important role in logistics chain. Therefore, Viet My Logistics do our best to increase the quality of local transport services to provide customers the most efficient transport solutions. With our transport fleet of 15 container prime movers, 7 trucks, ..etc we are confident to provide you various Road transport services from a small package to oversized – overweight shipments:.

Road Transport

The Road Transport services:

– Transport of export and import FCL, LCL cargoes from customers’ premises to the loading ports and vice versa.

– Transport FCL and LCL shipments from warehouse to warehouse within Vietnam.

– Transport cross border cargoes from China, Cambodia, Laos to Viet nam border, airport, ports,..

– Transport oversized, over-weight, bulk cargo and special cargo.

– Multimodal transportation.

– Full-packed Freight forwarding.

– Transport household goods and personal belongings.

– Transport goods temporarily imported for re-export /temporarily exported and re-imported.

– Warehousing and distributing goods.

The process of Road Transport services 

1. Receiving shipping  from customers:

  •  Checking the customer’s goods.
  • Checking the packaging and packaging consultant.
  • Determine the information of goods: weight, size, delivery address, the time required to transport.

2. Quotation :

  • Based on the information  provided to perform the quotation
  • Take out the right price to shipping
  • Implement contracts to commit on pickup and delivery.

3. Coordinator Transportation

  • Arranging the truck/container to pick up at the address provided
  • Sign reported goods at the destination.

4. Delivery

  • Perform the unloading from the truck/container vehicles for customers.
  • Sign the minutes of delivery of goods.

5.Receiving reported has full signature of the recipient:

  • To end the contract and paying the cost of road transport of goods.

Why choose Viet My Logistics ?

At Viet My Logistics, we constantly invest in modernizing our facilities as well as improving the capacity of our human resource and our services chain toward world-class standard to meet the ever-changing requirements of customers.

Other services

Besides the Road Transport , Viet My Logistics provides other transport services: Seafreight, Airfreight , Rail transport … and other Logistics services such as : Customs Clearance, Entrusted Import and Export. … to be flexibility for the clients in the transport and the implementation of other Logistics concerned.

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