Introduction of C/O certificates of origin

Certificate of origin is an important document in import and export. It shows the origin of the goods produced in a certain territory, or country. If you are an importer, the most important factor is a valid C/O that will help you enjoy preferential import duties.

Certificates of Origin

There are many types of Certificate of Origin , depending on each specific shipment (what kind of goods, go / come from …), you will determine what kind of sample you need. Currently popular there are the following types:

  • C/ O form A (issued to goods exported to other countries to enjoy GSP universal tariff preferences)
  • CO form B (issued to goods originating in Vietnam and exporting to countries where Vietnam is not entitled to GSP preferential treatment, or with GSP but the consignment does not meet the criteria to be eligible for)
  • C/O form D (countries in ASEAN)
  • C/O form E (ASEAN – China)
  • C/O form EAV (Vietnam – Eurasian Economic Union)
  • C/O model AK (ASEAN – Korea), model KV (Vietnam – Korea)
  • C/O form AJ (ASEAN – Japan)
  • VJ model C/O (Vietnam – Japan)
  • C/O form AI (ASEAN – India)
  • C/O form AANZ (ASEAN – Australia – New Zealand)
  • C/O form VC (Vietnam – Chile)
  • C/O form S (Vietnam – Laos; Vietnam – Cambodia)
Giấy Chứng Nhận Xuất Xứ Hàng Hóa
                                                  CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN Form D

When is C/O certificate required?

  • A certificate showing the origin of imported products
  • As one of the certificates to apply for a license to publish product quality standards

Some information is shown in C/O:

  • Export country information
  • Import country information
  • Location of receiving goods.
  • Number of goods
  • Total net weight
  • Description of the goods
  • Description of packaging marks
  • Origin of the certificate
  • And other items…

Why choose Vietmy Logistic?

Owns a team of professional import and export were recruited and trained, with nearly 15 years of experience in the field of logistics, import and export, we have been providing services please grant Certificate of origin for partners in all parts of the country.

If you are still wondering what kind of C/O form will you export, A, B, E, D, S, AJ, VJ, AK….?

Please contact Vietmy Logistic , in the shortest time, we will immediately have a complete C/O so that customers can complete the export / import documents.

Other services:

In addition to the service of applying for C/O certificates of origin , Vietmy Logistics also provides other freight services such as rail transport, road transportation, air freight … And other Logistics services such as customs clearance, import and export entrustment … In order to help customers be flexible in goods transportation and related Logistics procedures.


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