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Rail Transportation
Introduction of rail transport service

Nowadays, with the strong development of the economy, along with the diversity of industries, the number of factories, industrial parks is increasingly high, … which made rail transportation developing. So transporting goods is considered an essential need of many individuals and businesses. Accompanying with the above demand, railway transport quickly received favor and support from the majority of customers.

Rail transportation has the following advantages:

  • Low cost, stable price
  • High level of safety for the goods.
  • Large volume of cargo transportation …
  • Fast and accurate delivery time according to the train schedule.

The process of cheap rail transportation service:

  • Receive information about goods from customers
  • Survey the amount of goods to be transported
  • Conduct a quote on the amount of goods received
  • Determine when to ship with the customer
  • Ship the goods to the destination customers need
  • After the customer  checks the quantity of the goods , requires payment according to the contract and delivers the invoice documents.

We provide rail transportation services:

With the strength in the field of transport and forwarding, along with the stable train schedule at the freight service stations such as: Song Than, Yen Vien, Giap Bat …

Vietmy Logistic provides the package of railway transportation solutions including:

  • Collection of retail goods, complete containers, whole cars …
  • Transport goods from Warehouse to Warehouse, Station to Station, Warehouse to Station, Station to Warehouse.
  • Transporting super long and overweight goods .
  • Car transportation services, by North-South railway.
  • Transporting goods to South – North, North – South professionally.
  • Vietmylogistic railway transport.

Why choose Vietmy Logistic?

At Vietmy Logistics, we own a team of professional forwarders , with many years of experience . We can quickly implement forwarding consignments of extreme urgency or groups of special goods such as high-value goods, heavy cargo, dangerous goods … Come to the consignee on time, schedule as contract signed.

Other services:

In addition to freight services by rail , Vietmy Logistics also provides other freight services such as sea ​​freight, road transportation, air freight …  And other Logistics services. such as: customs procedures, import and export entrustment services…. In order to help customers be flexible in goods transportation and related Logistics procedures.

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