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Customs services  are one of the activities in the chain of services provided to import and export activities, because the complexity and differences in customs procedures of many countries make the circulation of goods. hard. Coming to Vietmy Logistic , customers will be consulted carefully on customs services  and full of import and export types, tax incentives most suitable for each item.

With a team of professional staff trained to act as a Customs Agent staff, Vietmy confidently performs the following operations:

  • On behalf of the commodity owner, work with the Customs and other relevant agencies.
  • Electronic customs declaration (using copyrighted customs declaration software)
  • Handle special imported goods that require permits according to regulations
  • Helping customers to handle special shipments with the most reasonable cost
  • Advise customers on appropriate customs declaration types, calculate tax, look up Hs Code, do C/O and other relevant tax policies.

Types of customs declaration service:

  • Type of import, export production for export
  • Type of import, export processing
  • Type of import and export in place
  • Type of transit
  • Type of import and export business
  • Type of temporary import for re-export, temporary export for re-import

Do not hesitate to contact us for detailed advice on related customs clearance services:

  • Explain rules and procedures.
  • Determine the tariff of the goods.
  • Supplement preferential terms on the tax system to match.
  • Customs declaration on the spot for individual packages.

Vietmy Logistic always commits:

  • Provide customers with the safest, professional and fastest service.
  • Competitive service prices , stable in the long run.
  • Staff advised enthusiastically, quote on rapid , accurate .
  • Free consultation on other related procedures such as: Export – Import Insurance …
  • Free to look up the commodity code (HS code) for each type of goods, how to apply the appropriate tax rate for that goods ……

Other services:

Besides the services  of customs cheap , Vietnamese American Logistics also provides transport services other commodities such as rail transport, road transport, shipping, aviation … and logistic services such as: translation entrusted import and export services, warehouse services…. In order to help customers be flexible in goods transportation and related Logistics procedures.



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