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What is Customs Clearance Services?

These are companies that specialize in customs services under agency contracts.  They put their name on the customs declaration, signed and stamped their name in the customs declarant’s box (with ECUS4 software), or used their digital signature to transmit the declaration (ECUS5 – VNACCS).

 Agents operate on authorized contracts with import and export goods owners, and must bear responsibility within the scope of authorization.

Customer support services

  • Consult customs clearance for each type of import / export item.
  • Prepare documents for customers (check documents, make declarations, print available).
  • Look up and determine the HS code of each item.
  • Get orders, authorizations at the forwarder or shipping lines.
  • Register to withdraw at the yard, transfer containers quickly.
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Why’s Choose Viet My Logistics

  • Make the most of external resources as part of the company’s strengths.  No worries about human resource management, no headache in recruiting and managing more departments, cutting maintenance costs.  Whenever, wherever we are, we are here to help.
  • Cost reduction: is a measure of the efficiency of the business.
  • Save time: Time is not only gold and silver, but also the prestige and brand name of partners.
  • High security: a potential risk to your business if there is one more person or internal department that has all of the company’s pricing, suppliers and customers information.  Come to our company, you will be assured of this issue.
  • Full record keeping: our staff will advise exactly on the nature of goods, ensure the correct tax rate, complete records will help you feel secure, no longer worry about post-inspection.  customs clearance or tax related issues.
  • What You Get From Us Coming to Viet My, you will be consulted by our professional import-export specialist team to choose the best package to save time.  as well as costs, increasing the efficiency of your import and export phases.

Other services:

In addition to freight services by sea, Viet My Logistics also provides other freight services such as rail transport, road transportation, air freight … and other Logistics services.  such as: customs clearance, import and export services

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